The Story

Mandala Scrubs was founded with a rebellious spirit and a mission to offer premium quality scrubs at a revolutionary price. A lightbulb moment had us thinking, scrubs are a daily necessity for healthcare professionals—so why in the world are they priced so high? Turns out there’s a simple explanation for this.

The medical apparel industry is dominated by a small number of companies who profit from selling scrubs at ridiculous prices. To be frank, scrubs aren’t costly to make, though a whopping 90% are still sold by third-party stores. This means that the product travels from the manufacturer (factory) to the brand, before finally reaching the retailer (scrubs store).

What does that mean exactly?

Well everyone needs to make money along the way, so a scrub set that cost $12 now sells for a whopping $65 in store! Other online brands decide it’s a good idea to invest excess money in marketing fads to justify increased costs, making it a no-win situation for customers. We cut all the BS and simply sell at honest prices.

Simplicity in Design

No flashy logos. No unnecessary details.

Our scrubs are designed with a less is more approach to ensure comfort and impeccable fit. Modern shapes are designed with style and simplicity in equal measure.


Let’s not beat around the bush. ‘Sustainability’ has become a bit of a blanket term in this day and age, but we believe it’s important to spell out the specifics. Our scrubs are expertly woven with the finest materials. We carefully handpick the factories and steer clear from harsh chemicals.

Honestly Priced

On average, brands bump their products up 5x-6x to gain a hefty profit. Us? 2x-2.6x. We eliminate senseless markups without sacrificing on quality, allowing you to perform your duties with ease (and save money). It’s that simple.